Short bio

Trojan.Agent.TskLnk is Malwarebytes generic detection name for Trojans that use Scheduled Tasks for persistence.


Users of affected systems may find unexplained items in their list of Scheduled Tasks. The Windows Task Scheduler is like an alarm clock that you can set, to start a procedure under specified circumstances. Trojan.Agent.TskLnk is a detection for Trojans that set these Scheduled Tasks or otherwise use them to run malicious software.

Type and source of infection

Since this is a generic detection, this threat is not confined to any particular infection method. It is advised to check other detected items for more detail on how the threat got on your system. Otherwise, following basic security practices will reduce your exposure to this threat.


Malwarebytes protects users from Trojan.Agent.TskLnk by using real-time protection.

block Trojan.Agent.TskLnk

Malwarebytes blocks Trojan.Agent.TskLnk

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