Flurry of new Mac malware drops in December - Multiple new pieces of Mac malware have appeared in December, all distributed through different means, but all opening backdoors on infected computers.
Mac malware combines EmPyre backdoor and XMRig miner - New Mac malware is using the EmPyre backdoor and the XMRig cryptominer to drain processor power—and possibly worse.
Mac cryptocurrency ticker app installs backdoors - A Mac application named CoinTicker has been found installing two different backdoors, capable of keylogging, data theft, execution of arbitrary commands, and more.
Mac malware intercepts encrypted web traffic for ad injection - New Mac malware has been found that intercepts encrypted traffic for the purpose of injecting ads into web pages. But could this adware be used for more devious purposes in the future?
Mac App Store apps are stealing user data - There are several apps in the Mac App Store that are collecting data about users that they should not be collecting. Here's what you need to know.
New strain of Mac malware Proton found after two years - A new variant of the Mac malware Proton, which was rampant on macOS last year, has been found dating back to at least two years ago. Learn how this could still affect your Mac today.
New Mac cryptominer uses XMRig - New Mac cryptominer malware is using the XMRig library to mine Monero on infected Macs.
New Crossrider variant installs configuration profiles on Macs - A new variant of the Crossrider adware has been spotted that is infecting Macs in a unique way, using a configuration profile to keep its effects resident in the system.
New Mac cryptominer has 23 older variants - The new Mac cryptominer, OSX.CreativeUpdate, turns out to be older than we thought, with 23 variants found dating back to October 2017.

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