Threat analysis

Fake jquery campaign leads to malvertising and ad fraud schemes - We look for answers in a long-running and yet mysterious malware campaign that has compromised thousands of websites to date.
GreenFlash Sundown exploit kit expands via large malvertising campaign - The GreenFlash exploit kit, which we typically saw targeting South Korean users, reaches globally with a large malvertising campaign via a popular website.
Magecart skimmers found on Amazon CloudFront CDN - Not all breaches on Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) result in supply-chain attacks, yet, they are often a forgotten entry point for attackers to slip in malicious code, such as web skimmers.
Hidden Bee: Let’s go down the rabbit hole - The complex and sophisticated custom malware, Hidden Bee, is a Chinese cryptominer that recently released an updated sample. We unpack the sample to look at the functionality of its loader and compare it against earlier versions.
Medical industry struggles with PACS data leaks - PACS servers are often used to store and transmit patient data. But how is their security implemented? We take a look at case of how poor setup can easily lead to data leaks.
Threat spotlight: CrySIS, aka Dharma ransomware, causing a crisis for businesses - CrySIS, aka Dharma, is a ransomware family making waves over the last two months, often being used in targeted attacks through RDP access. What other tricks are up its sleeve?
Exploit kits: spring 2019 review - In this edition, we review active and unique exploit kits hitting consumers and businesses over the spring season.
“Funky malware format” found in Ocean Lotus sample - Recently, one of our researchers presented at the SAS conference on
Say hello to Baldr, a new stealer on the market - Baldr is a new stealer that is being actively developed and distributed. Will it be able to compete in this crowded arena?

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