Good news: Stalkerware survey results show majority of people aren’t creepy - Stalkerware survey results are in. See how more than 4500 Labs readers responded when asked,
Stalkerware advertising ban by Google a welcome, if incomplete, step - Google will no longer allow advertising of stalkerware and spyware tools, but a written exception could allow some companies to skirt the rules.
Coalition Against Stalkerware bulks up global membership - The Coalition Against Stalkerware brought aboard 11 new organizations to address the potentially dangerous capabilities of stalkerware.
International Women’s Day: awareness of stalkerware, monitoring, and spyware apps on the rise - For International Women’s Day, Malwarebytes is measuring the impact of our own campaign to raise awareness and protect users. These are the numbers on stalkerware, monitoring, and spyware apps.
Stalkerware and online stalking are accepted by Americans. Why? - Americans may be accepting and minimizing online stalking behaviors, including the use of invasive apps that can pry into a user’s text messages, emails, photos, videos, and phone logs.
Stalkerware’s legal enforcement problem - Those who install stalkerware with the intent to monitor, control, harass, or otherwise abuse their victims typically get away with it, avoiding legal penalty even if there’s plenty of evidence to suggest their guilt.
Stalkerware developer dealt new blow by FTC - A new government front has emerged against stalkerware—the US Federal Trade Commission. Following enforcement against Retina-X and its founder, what's next?
How to protect against stalkerware, a murky but dangerous mobile threat - Stalkerware has capabilities as dangerous as nation-state malware, but is often marketed as legitimate. So how do you protect against stalkerware when it's not always clear it's a threat?
For Cybersecurity and Domestic Violence Awareness months, we pledge to fight stalkerware - It's time for the cybersecurity community to fight stalkerware with all they've got. For National Cybersecurity Awareness and Domestic Violence Awareness months, we renew our pledge.

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