Going dark: encryption and law enforcement - There's been a lot of talk recently about encryption and how law enforcement can't convict criminals without encryption keys. We beg to differ.
Would ‘Medicare for All’ help secure health data? - Beyond the usual arguments on this subject, we wanted to ask the question: Are there any security risks we need to be worried about if the United States were to switch to ‘Healthcare for All’ policies?
How the government shutdown is influencing cybersecurity jobs - As of this writing, the government shutdown of 2019 is the longest ever in America. Will the government's stable of cybersecurity talent be the next casualty—now and in the long run?
Government shutdown impacts .gov websites, puts Americans in danger - Today, TechCrunch posted a concerning story about the shutdown and most importantly, they covered the reporting of NetCraft, a U.K. internet service company, about how numerous US government websites are now inaccessible due to expired security certificates. This is going to be a quick post to help explain what happened and more importantly, how cyber criminals will use this situation to their advantage.
Singapore government gets into the network defense game - Governments have been classically slow to adapt to digital realities. Singapore tries to break the mold with a new cybersecurity bill that tackles breaches, infrastructure, and reporting.
How the EU intends to battle fake news - The EU has announced to launch of a public consultation and the setup of a high-level expert group in the battle against fake news and online disinformation.
FTC providing partial refunds for Advanced Tech Support victims - Last month, the FTC announced the recovery of 10 million dollars from Advanced Tech Support. If you were a victim of ATS, also known as Inbound Call Experts (ICE), you might be able to get a partial refund of what they scammed from you.
Hansa Market on Dark Web seized by Dutch police - Dutch and US authorities revealed the results of an international cooperation to take down markets on the Dark Web trafficking in drugs, weapons, malware, and stolen data.
New UK legal guidelines for law enforcement and social media - The UK’s Crown Prosecution Services (CPS) has recently updated its social media guidelines for prosecutors and law enforcement in an effort to aid them in deciding on whether charges can be pressed against internet users based on certain online behaviors.

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