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Cybersecurity pros think the enemy is winning - Recent research from Malwarebytes, ISSA, and ESG find that security professionals have little confidence in their ability to prevent their organization from being breached. What's behind this mindset? And how can we turn the tide to stay a step ahead of the criminals?
A week in security (May 20 – 26) - A roundup of the last week's security news, including admin changes, phishing in Canada, smart AI images and more.
A week in security (May 13 – 19) - A roundup of security news from May 13–19, including ransomware attacks on the upswing, website hacking, pseudo-VPNs, bloatware, and more.
A week in security (May 6 – 12) - A roundup of security news from May 6–12, including breaches, privacy, financials, takedowns, and new ransomware tactics.
A week in security (April 29 – May 5) - A roundup of security news from April 29 - May 5, covering Electrum botnet, Wall Street Market takedown, privacy news, and the state of cryptojacking.
The top six takeaways for corporate data privacy compliance - Here are Labs' top six takeaways from our data privacy and cybersecurity law series on corporate data privacy compliance. From emerging startups to burgeoning enterprises, these rules help not just with legal liability, but also user trust.
Mozilla urges Apple to make privacy a team sport - Mozilla is currently pushing Apple into placing extra barriers between iPhone users and online advertisers. Why? Because, according to Mozilla, it could work, which could benefit users everywhere.
A week in security (April 22 – 28) - A roundup of security news from April 22–28, covering phishing, CCTV evasion, VPNs, and keeping data safe.
Consumers have few legal options for protecting privacy - Amidst never-ending headlines about data breaches, data misuse, and opaque data-sharing agreements from major companies, users have few legal options to actually protect their privacy in court. Instead, they rely on technology.

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