Chaos in a cup: When ransomware creeps into your smart coffee maker - This International Coffee Day, we looked at coffee machines that helped bring down a network of systems. Who would've guessed?
The face of tomorrow’s cybercrime: Deepfake ransomware explained - Deepfake ransomware is a mighty combination that several security experts fear would happen soon. But what is it exactly? Is it deepfake with a ransomware twist? Or ransomware with a sprinkling of deepfake tech?
Honda and Enel impacted by cyber attack suspected to be ransomware - Car manufacturer Honda has been hit by a cyber attack, according to a report published by the BBC, and later confirmed by the company in a tweet. Another similar attack, also disclosed on Twitter, hit Edesur S.A., one of the companies belonging to Enel Argentina which operates in the business of energy distribution in the...
Sodinokibi ransomware gang auctions off stolen data - The Sodinokibi ransomware operators have opened an auction site to sell the stolen data of their victims to the highest bidder.
Threat actors release Troldesh decryption keys - On GitHub a user called shade-team released hundreds of thousands of Troldesh decryption keys. Can victims of the ransomware safely use them to decrypt their files?
Tampa Bay Times hit with Ryuk ransomware attack - Florida newspaper The Tampa Bay Times suffered a Ryuk ransomware attack Thursday, making it the latest major victim of the notorious ransomware family that continues to rise in popularity.
Cyber insurance: here to stay, whether we like it or not - We take a look at the many reasons people and businesses make use of cyber insurance, and ask if it's as bad as (some) make it out to be.
Ransomware continues assault against cities and businesses - We take a look at the current chaos faced by local governments across the US, as ransomware continues to snap at its cities' heels.
Radiohead’s ransom response shows novel approach for ransomware victims - Last week, British rock bank Radiohead thwarted an attempted digital ransom, in which unnamed hackers stole roughly 18 hours of unreleased music dating back to the band’s recording of its studio album OK, Computer, revealing some less-than-ok computer security (sorry).

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