Do Chromebooks need  antivirus protection? - You may have heard that installing a Chromebook antivirus program is unnecessary. We take a look at the Chromebook's security features and weigh in on whether that's true.
The best test for an EDR solution is one that works for you - Since its inception, the endpoint detection and response (EDR) market has evolved rapidly with new innovations to better address the cyber landscape and meet customers’ needs for an effective and simple solution that just works. But finding something that just works means something quite different for every business, depending on their size, security expertise, and requirements.
Mass surveillance alone will not save us from coronavirus - As governments roll out enormous data collection programs to limit coronavirus, we should remember that mass surveillance alone will not save us.
Consumerization: a better way to answer cybersecurity challenges - Malwarebytes CPO Akshay Bhargava explains why the consumerization of IT security—consumer-grade ease of use, plus enterprise security expertise—can meet the cybersecurity challenges of today.
Are our police forces equipped to deal with modern cybercrimes? - Police forces are working hard to keep up with the latest developments in cybercrime, training digital experts for the purpose. But is it enough? And is it happening across the globe?
Why managed service providers (MSP) are critical for business continuity - What many don’t realize is that SMBs need the same level of protection from threats that are usually only afforded to enterprises. Managed service providers (MSPs) are the key to getting the protection and service they need while staying on budget.
Securing the MSP: why they’re their own worst enemy - Behind each cyberattack on the MSP is typically a system left unpatched, asset management undone, security officer not hired, or board who sees investment in security as a cost center rather than a long-term investment.

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