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The value of cybersecurity integration for MSPs - The nature of the MSP business demands integration. MSPs should ask the same from their cybersecurity solutions, streamlining endpoint security and more.
Silent Librarian APT right on schedule for 20/21 academic year - As expected, this Iranian APT set up a new campaign to target universities around the world when schools and universities went back.
Credit card skimmer targets virtual conference platform - Criminals have gone after an online conference platform to steal credit card data from virtual attendees.
Risky business: survey shows majority of people use work devices for personal use - More people are working from home than ever before, many for the first time. And with that, come a lot more work devices. What could go wrong?
Release the Kraken: Fileless injection into Windows Error Reporting service - We discovered a new attack that injected its payload—dubbed
VideoBytes: Ransomware gets wasted! - On today's VideoBytes, we look at how ransomware is on the rise, attacking corporations with malware that not only encrypts files, but also steals it.
Taurus Project stealer now spreading via malvertising campaign - The Taurus Project stealer gains an additional distribution vector via exploit kit.

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