No man’s land: How a Magecart group is running a web skimming operation from a war zone - We take a look into a Magecart group's web skimming activities, which are relying on a bulletproof-friendly host in battle-scarred Luhansk, Ukraine to provide cover for their activities, safe from the reach of law enforcement and the security community.
Governments increasingly eye social media meltdown - It seems problems never quite go away for social media platforms, and more governments of the world are taking keen interest. Will the tech giants be able to sort things out before legislators steps into the fray?
Skimmer acts as payment service provider via rogue iframe - Even e-commerce sites that do not take payment information themselves can be abused by crooks. In this post, we show how a web skimmer is able to inject an artificial iframe into the checkout page to prompt users for their credit card information. Victims will only realize something's not right when they are redirected to the real (and external) payment form.
Microsoft pushes patch to prevent ‘WannaCry level’ vulnerability - This month marks two years since the infamous WannaCry attack. Now a Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) vulnerability has been discovered that could be used in a similar large-scale attack—though Microsoft has released a patch. Have you updated yet?
WhatsApp fix goes live after targeted attack on human rights lawyer - A fix was rolled out for a WhatsApp vulnerability, which was used to inject spyware into mobile devices and target a human rights lawyer.
Cryptojacking in the post-Coinhive era - Cryptojacking captured everyone's attention in 2017 and 2018. With Coinhive no longer in business, has this threat been completely snuffed out?
Mysterious database exposed personal information of 80 million US households - A large database accessible online containing a huge amount of records has been found by researchers. The question is: who does it belong to, and what is it for?
Sophisticated threats plague ailing healthcare industry - Black hat hackers are after patient healthcare data, and such breaches will only intensify. Which forms of malware are behind the attacks? We take a look at the advanced threats targeting a sector struggling to keep up.
Electrum DDoS botnet reaches 152,000 infected hosts - We've identified a new piece of malware that is connected to the Electrum botnet.

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