Healthcare security update: death by ransomware, what’s next? - Cybersecurity in the healthcare industry has always been a pain point. With a ransomware attack leading to a fatal victim we have reached a new low. What can we do to cure this problem?
Is domain name abuse something companies should worry about? - Should you worry about domain name abuse? For the most part it depends on what kind of company you are and what you expect to encounter.
Fintech industry developments, differences between Europe and the US - The developments in fintech differ between regions due to legislation. How does that effect the industry and the safety of their customers?
The cybersecurity skills gap is misunderstood - The cybersecurity skills gap is misunderstood. Rather than a lack of talent, there is a lack of understanding in how to find and hire that talent.
Cloud workload security: Should you worry about it? - While the cloud workload is growing at a rapid pace, isn't it time to start worrying about securing it?
MSPs, know what you’re really looking for in an RMM platform - When ransomware targeting MSPs began making headlines, things started to change. This also made MSPs assess their current RMM platform and, should they decide to switch, change the criteria of what to look out for when finding “the right” vendor. We have 5 considerations for you.
RemoteSec: achieving on-prem security levels with cloud-based remote teams - Times are quickly changing and many teams are scrambling to embrace a shift to remote work. How will security protocols change? Time to move from on-prem to RemoteSec.
Securing the MSP: best practices for vetting cybersecurity vendors - How do you spot the unicorn cybersecurity vendors amongst the bad apples? We show MSPs the ins and outs of vendor vetting.
5 tips for building an effective security operations center (SOC) - A security operations center (SOC) can significantly improve an organization's security posture, but it's not a perfect solution and can be challenging to implement. Read on to learn how to clear hurdles and build an effective SOC team.

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