We found yet another phone with pre-installed malware via the Lifeline Assistance program - We discovered yet another phone model with pre-installed malware provided from the Lifeline Assistance program via Assurance Wireless by Virgin Mobile.
Android Trojan xHelper uses persistent re-infection tactics: here’s how to remove - A new variant of the Android Trojan xHelper re-infects just hours after removal—and with the help of Google PLAY?! A forum user helps us investigate.
United States government-funded phones come pre-installed with unremovable malware - A US-funded government assistance program is selling budget-friendly mobile phones that come pre-installed with unremovable malicious apps. Malwarebytes Labs investigates the malware's origins.
Stealthy new Android malware poses as ad blocker, serves up ads instead - Since its discovery less than a month ago, a stealthy new Android malware has already been detected on over 500 devices, and it’s on the rise. Learn how this clever threat pretends to be an ad blocker and then hides itself on mobile devices, all while serving up tons of ads.
Mobile Menace Monday: Android Trojan raises xHelper - Since its introduction in May 2019, the xHelper dropper, an Android Trojan, has climbed to our top 10 list of most detected mobile malware.
Mobile stalkerware: a long history of detection - Does Malwarebytes detect stalkerware? Absolutely, and for good reason. Moreover, we've been doing so for a long time—but it's time to up our efforts.

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