Employee education strategies that work to change behavior - Using technology alone to combat cyberattacks is not enough. That's why employee education on security awareness should be an integral part of any company's cybersecurity policy.
The lazy person’s guide to cybersecurity: minimum effort for maximum protection - How can we help our less tech-savvy friends stay more secure online? By giving them a lazy person's guide to cybersecurity, we can offer maximum protection for minimal effort.
Should you delete yourself from social media? - All the recent news—from Facebook's Cambridge Analytica snafu to various abuses of Twitter vulnerabilities—has you wondering: Should I delete myself from social media? We provide advice and links on how to tighten security if you want to cool down, or, if you're ready to go nuclear, delete yourself permanently.
Collection 1 data breach: what you need to know - In what's being dubbed one of the largest data dumps in history, Collection 1 contains the data of over 770 million people. But is it really as bad as it sounds? We take a closer look and let users know what to do if their info is caught up in the mix.
Assessing the security of a portable router: a look inside its hardware, part deux - In part two of our blog assessing the security of a portable router, we will acquire the tools and equipment to make a copy of the firmware on our target router so that we can assess whether there are any vulnerabilities.
Something else is phishy: How to detect phishing attempts on mobile phones - Phishing is more problematic on smartphones than on desktops. Not only that, approaches to handling phishing attacks on mobile are quite different because their techniques are also different. So, how can users sniff out a mobile phish? Let us count the ways.
Advanced tools: Process Hacker - A quick introduction to Process Hacker which is a powerful tool that can be used for troubleshooting, debugging, and reverse engineering.
6 ways to keep up with cybersecurity without going crazy - As we dive headfirst into National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it seems only fitting to discuss ways to stay on top of cybersecurity news. But what if following along makes you feel a little overwhelmed? Try these six methods of information-gathering to brush up on your cybersecurity know-how without losing your mind.
5 safe ways to get back at spammers: a guide to wasting time - We take a look at some of the safe ways to waste a spammer's time, whether by email or telephone.

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