Vulnerabilities in financial mobile apps put consumers and businesses at risk - It’s good to know that your bank’s website boasts that little green padlock, promotes secure communication, and follows a two-factor authentication (2FA) scheme. But are their mobile apps equally secure?
Of hoodies and headphones: a spotlight on risks surrounding audio output devices - For years, researchers have been poking holes in our audio output devices in the name of security and privacy. They've found many ways our headphones can be hacked or otherwise compromised. Learn what they discovered, and how you can secure your own.
Explained: like-farming - Like-farming is a popular method on social media to harvest as many likes and shares as possible in order to increase the value of a site or domain. But what happens when scammers get in the game?
How gamers can protect against increasing cyberthreats - We take a look at the various cyberthreats video gamers may encounter online, their real-world consequences, and what users can do to protect themselves.
Reputation management in the age of cyberattacks against businesses - A business’s reputation takes years to build. With the current climate of data breaches, destroying it can take only seconds. What can businesses do to protect their brands from fallout following a cybersecurity incident? We answer these questions and more.
Google Chrome announces plans to improve URL display, website identity - The search giant isn’t “killing” (a.k.a. getting rid of) the URL, unlike some sensationalist and eye-rolling headlines have put it. They are slowly giving it a facelift.
How to browse the Internet safely at work - This Safer Internet Day, we’re presenting a guideline to employees on how to navigate the online trenches safely, whether they’re on their desktop computers, company-owned laptops, or mobile devices. Who wants to be the one responsible for a breach? No one.
Interview with a malware hunter: Jérôme Segura - In our series called
Yes, Chromebooks can and do get infected - We've heard people say Macs don't get viruses for years, but we know that to be false. But what about Chromebooks? They're totally safe, right? Think again.

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